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Private money loans

NWE would like to announce a new service available to our clients: a possibility of private lending.

In order to successfully invest your money, there is no need to purchase property any more – just become a private lender. Private loan is a perfect solution for both those who don’t like spending months waiting for bank approval and those who would like to start making profitable investments on their own conditions.
Recently the investors working in the German real estate market have been noticing the increasing tightness of German banks in funding the projects that require additional financing. That is why more and more investors prefer private lending mechanism rather than credit facilities of the banks.
NWE aims to provide maximum support to its clients in investing money, and private lending is not an exception. Today our company is ready to undertake the management of the whole process that involves private lending, including:
  • Finding and assessment of projects that require additional financing;
  • Finding potential private lenders;
  • KYC procedures and reliability assessment of lenders and borrowers;
  • Implementation of lending strategy;
  • Negotiations with both parties;
  • Preparation of all necessary documentation and legal support for every deal.
Please send us a request for private lending:

Private money lenders needed:

Supermarket in Magdeburg

Price: €1 920 000
Funds invested: €960 000
Private loans needed: €960 000
Loan period: 12 years

Property condition: new
Built in: 2011
Lot area: 5604 sq. m.
Property area: 1102 sq. m.
Parking places: 70

The anchor tenant is a Netto chain supermarket. Long-term lease agreement until 2026 + 3x5 years prolongation options.
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